READER FIND: See Madonna's Filthy Nude Scenes In 1993's "Body of Evidence"

The sexy thriller Body of Evidence is making a big splash with Tony S. from Paramus, NJ, who turned us on to these HD screen caps from the 1993 flick! It's hard to argue that Madonna wasn't in her prime when she bared it all in this flick co-starring Willem Dafoe, Anne Archer, and Julianne Moore!

I imagine that, like most men my age, this flick was a seminal part of your formative teenage years. Lord knows it scared me off of candle wax for years. Of course, my personal favorite scene has to be the parking garage rooftop cunnilingus scene! That's one I think about virtually any time I park my car in one!

I'm having a really hard time wrestling with the fact that this flick turns 25 this year. Nothing makes you feel older than remember how old certain films are, especially ones that played such a formative part in your own sexual awakening. Tony, thanks for the suggestion and say hey to everyone down at Paramus Park for me... North Jersey represent! Keep the Reader Finds coming, we're getting more and more every day now!

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Image Credit: MGM / "Body of Evidence" (1993) / Mr. Skin

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