Sara Jean Underwood Sexy Exhibitionist On Instagram

I suppose that if we're open to the notion of Instagram models, we should also be open to the existence of Instagram exhibitionists. Sara Jean Underwood has certainly done enough mainstream modeling to be called an Instagram model, however, her ability to try and get away with showing her nipples undoubtedly makes her an Instagram exhibitionist.

Is there anything sexier than a woman willing to show her naked body for our enjoyment? The answer is yes, but it's only when they're doing it for your own personal enjoyment. But technicalities aside, it's really more of a thing where there's nothing sexier than when a woman is showing off her body and you derive enjoyment from it. There's nothing better than that confluence of circumstances.

I wonder if Sara Jean's road trip went well. I imagine she must've been on a road trip of some kind, or maybe it was just a day trip. Either way, it's been a trip checking out her Instagram exhibitionism, and I'm glad to know that there are still bold and beautiful ladies like her out there doing the lord's work. The lord's work, in this case, being showing off her naked body!

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Photo Credit: Instagram

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