Alexandra Daddario Utterly Hot Udders and Game of Thrones Bodacious Boobtastic Highlight the Mr. Skin Minute (VIDEO)

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bill-swift - May 30, 2015

I do believe Mr. Skin had some sort of spiritual awakening when Alexandra Daddario removed her top in True Detective and joined the pantheon of all time funbag greats through the entire lore of Hollywood. It was quite a moment for many of us busty buxom hottie oglers. Alexandra Daddario is featured once again this week in the Mr. Skin Minute, though sadly she does not remove her top in the PG-rated San Andreas, just a lot of running away from earthquakes and bouncing. Delightful.

Joining Alexandra this week in the MSM is the deliciously topless Paula Malcolmsen and Vinessa Shaw in the second season of Ray Donovan now out on Blu-Ray and another look at the epic funbag reveal of teen starlet Rosabell Laurenti Sellers peeling back her top on Game of Thrones. A more memorable moment there has rarely been in the world of boob tube reveals. Enjoy.

And, naturally, don't kid yourself and think you can live without your own Ego discounted Mr. Skin membership. You can't, not fully at least. Get one now before they run out. Just good times online.

Photo Credit: Mr. Skin Minute