Alice And Erika Go Full Frontal For Each Other In One Of Playboy’s Hottest Spreads Ever

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earl-jonas - April 4, 2019

I'm well aware that I'm the boy who cried boobies, but damn if this new shoot with models Alice and Erika isn't one of Playboy Plus' hottest ones ever. Will I say the same thing about a new spread with new hotties next week? If I don't, it means I either died or was clinically castrated for sexual infractions. Lol anyway. Truly stunning models Alice and Erika head up to the roof to catch some rays and skyline views. But without anyone in sight, they decide to have a little fun by stripping each other down. Soon they're nude and spread eagle while gabbing about this and that as girls are wont to do. Alice said of her time with Playboy:

I love posing nude. Everything feels right with being free and beautiful within my own skin!

While Erika chimed in with:

My ultimate goal would be to have nudity be something that is more normalized. Bodies are so beautiful!

Well frankly, not all of them are. But yours is Erika. Yours is.

Head here for the scintillating full video and tons of extra pics

Photo Credit: Playboy Plus