Alice Aufray Topless Photos Turn the Fashion Model Into Fashionably Boobtastic

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bill-swift - October 1, 2014

Do you happen to like wicked hot young French fashion models with a flair for topless exhibition? Why, of course you do. That's like asking a kid in Fantasyland if he likes Space Mountain. Or a more troubled kid if he likes Captain Eo. I'd report that last 0ne. Alice Aufray who has graced the cover of many a Euro fashion magazine with her traditionally sextastic fashion model looks now removes her top just a perfect amount for this Mark Drew black and white photoshoot.

Everything is artistic in black and white. I could turn my hairy-bottomed inebriated selfies into cultural worthiness just by reducing them to monochrome. Which I will someday threaten to do if you're not nice. I pity the hackers who find those photos. But for a ridiculously steamy young model, black and white serves as the perfect artistic excuse for flashing funbags. Bless you black and white. How much goodness you do bring into this world. Enjoy.