Alina Baikova and Stephanie Shepherd Ghostly Nipples for amfAR

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aldo-vallon - October 27, 2017

 Given the time of year that we are in and how Alina and Stephanie's nips show through their tops I feel like I am seeing ghosts. I am not referring to the more common term of ghost nipples either, those being the kind that blend in with the skin color. I am talking about nipples that have been killed in some tragic way while they still had unfinished business and now they are back to the land of the living. Seeing how eerie it is when they are just barely visible makes me wonder why kids favor bedsheets over something more transparent. A bedsheet is not scary, unless of course I am staying in a motel room, then it becomes one of my all time greatest fears. Throw a used rubber into the mix and I my hair jut might turn gray. But drape a window curtain over a kid and it will be a thousand times more scarier. There will be no need to cut eye holes, so you won't even be ruining anything. And you can splatter some blood on the kid underneath. Fake blood, of course, unless you really want to be thorough.

Photo Credit: Splash News