All The Very Best Of: Catherine Bell’s Very Sexiest Nudity From Movies and TV!

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brian-mcgee - June 8, 2018

Like so many of the hottest women on the planet, Catherine Bell is a well-known Scientologist, which gives her rather overt sexiness a much needed air of mystery. There's an absolutely incomprehensible mystery surrounding the many hot women of Scientology. Who are they? Where are they? Mostly, I'm talking about David Miscavige's wife, but still, it's all very mysterious.

There's so much mystery afoot in the church of Scientology that all of its women get this automatic air of mystery that proves irresistible. I wonder what the pot-luck dinners are like. Do you think Catherine Bell and Kelly Preston are friends? Do you think that maybe Catherine became really good friends with Katie Holmes and then had to cut her off when she became a Suppressive.

It's all so interesting to me that I almost forgot about how hot and amazing Catherine is, especially with all her nude work that took place prior to her becoming famous thanks to JAG. I'm guessing she was too tall to pair with Scientology's favorite son, but never despair. I think I might smell a comeback for Catherine, right around the time that big star's got a new movie coming out. I think there's one coming out this summer, in fact. Stay tuned!

Photo Credit: Mr. Skin