All The Very Best Of: Emily Ratajkowski Topless And Handbra Gallery

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aldo-vallon - July 28, 2018

The hand bra easily ranks among my top five favorite types of bras, and Emily ranks as my number one hand bra wearer. This girl has a whole lot of boob to cover with her hands and she pulls the look off masterfully. She knows exactly where her areolas are and, more importantly, where they are not.

Way too many hand bra wearers take the safe route and cover up damn near everything out of fear of having a nipple appear. That goes against the whole spirit of the hand bra! If I was going to wear a banana hand hammock I would not cup the thing so tightly that it became a mangina. That sends the wrong message entirely. No, I would let a little bit of stump show in order to entice the audience a bit.

But maybe I am over thinking this whole thing. Maybe Emily’s dainty little hands are doing their best, but they just cannot manage to conceal anymore. In that case, I am thankful for her genetic deformity and I hope to benefit from it for many more years to come.


Photo Credit: Instagram / MEGA