All The Very Best Of: Kristen Stewart’s New GF Sara Dinkin And All Her Hottest Topless Stuff

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aldo-vallon - January 15, 2019

If only Kristen Stewart showed as good of judgement in picking movie roles as she does in picking women. To be honest, I cannot think of a movie that she has been in that I would choose to see instead of hitting myself in the face with a two-by-four, but her last couple of girlfriends have been choice.

What is so surprising is that her taste in romantic partners shows more range than her acting roles. That is usually quite the opposite for people. We tend to have a type that we go for, whether that be hair color or gender, and stick to it. Kristen looks like she plays a game of Guess Who in order to determine who to go out with next. She has had a solid streak going with women, so I can see why she wouldn’t want to mess with that.

I extend my sympathy to Sara Dinkin. Stella Maxwell has got to be a tough act for anyone to follow. She looks like she is up for the challenge, though. And if these photos are accurate, she is bringing a hell of a lot of talent to the table as well.




Photo Credit: Instagram / MEGA