Allegra Edwards in Lingerie!

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Echo Lawrence - May 8, 2020

Allegra Edwards stars in the new Amazon Prime show UPLOAD which is actually a pretty great show, she plays Ingrid Kannerman, the fiancé of the main character who dies and is uploaded to an afterlife. In the show (spoiler alert) Allegra shows up in the upload land in some lingerie to try and seduce her dead fiancé.

Allegra recently got engaged in real life to her boyfriend Clayton Snyder last fall. You may recognize Clayton from his time as ETHAN CRAFT in the Hilary Duff TV show Lizzie McGuire. I wonder if Allegra had a crush on him when that show aired. The pair are split up during the quarantine with Allegra on lockdown in Massachusetts with her family and Ethan Craft in LA. She’s been spending this quarantine with her family cooking and singing songs around the piano.


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