Amanda Geores See Through Wet T-Shirt at the Beach

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bill-swift - May 6, 2016

  Even in drought conditions such as the fake ones here in California, you need to save a little water to pour over the sweet teats and t-shirts of brunette models at the beach. If the idea is that this bottled water is to be purchased for revealing the wet see-through mammaries of passion inducing models, that's a marketing plan I'm certain has some legs.

Amanda Geores was on the beach pimping the bottled water product in a sheer white tee and jeans that became quite revealing when water was added to the mix. Her perfect funbags are not for the kids to see, you know, lest kids get the idea fine female teats are okay or something. I take the ogling of such visual wonderments quite seriously, trying to memorize every wet curve of Amanda's body. I'm probably going to need another hour or so. Definitely knock before entering. You don't want to frighten the cat.

Photo credit: FameFlynet