Amanda Nipples in the Junkyard

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aldo-vallon - October 5, 2017

 It is a shame what some people are willing to throw away these days. Sure, Amanda might have a few miles on her, but she still has some life in her. Maybe replace a couple parts and give her a new paint job and she will be as good as new. This single use culture we are living in certainly makes for a lot of waste. The thought that someone would just toss her aside is enough to bring a tear to my eye.

There is probably a hidden goldmine in some of these junkyards. There could be a '53 Marilyn Monroe, or a '66 Raquel Welch just waiting to be found and refurbished. Now I understand why someone would spend there free time dumpster diving. There is no telling what one can find! And with the way Hollywood goes through female actresses like a normal family goes through k-cups there is practically an endless supply of washed up talent looking for a second chance. The opportunity is there, it is only waiting for a man with the low enough sense of self-respect to seize it.   


Photo Credit: Matthew Dickstein

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