Amazon Movie Devil’s Trail Features Amateur Boobs And Beaver In The Woods

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earl-jonas - November 1, 2019


As we've stressed before, anyone can upload movies to Amazon Prime. We all know that writers can self-publish books on Amazon, but it's way more important to know that literally anybody can hawk his amateur movie on Amazon Prime. Which is why we get so much great, undiscovered amateur nudity on Amazon. Usually the nudity comes from horror movie aficionados who lend their boobs to their boyfriends' minuscule-budget productions - unaware that the darkest corners of the Internet are mining their nudity for erotic pleasure. That's right ladies. The call is coming from inside my underwear.

All of this brings us to the 2017 movie Devil's Trail. Erin R. Ryan, Joni Durian, and Rachael Redolfi all strip down in the woods in typical horror movie fashion, and all contribute greatly to what I think is the most unsung subgenre of porn - amateur nude Amazon Prime horror movie chicks. Enjoy...

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