Amber Rose 🍑 Breaks The Internet

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brian-mcgee - January 9, 2019

Ever since one of those Kardashians "broke the internet," people have been using that phrase for everything from product launches to kids' movies and it's just getting old. It's time to put it to bed, once and for all, after Amber Rose is done breaking the internet one last time.

Everyone's favorite peach fuzz beauty posted this absolutely jaw dropping pic last night and she may have actually succeeded in breaking the internet. I don't know if you tried to use the internet last night, but rumor has it the internet was broken. I tried to use it and my browser was all like, "the internet's broke, yo."

I just assumed it had something to do with terrorism, but no, it was Amber Rose showing off her astounding ass and right breast and making grown men everywhere quiver. She's got those perfectly shaped breasts that were made for pouring champagne down them and into your mouth. That trick doesn't work with just anyone.

So now that the internet's working again, you know why it wasn't working yesterday. Because Amber Rose decreed her boobs and butt fit for human consumption once again and dropped a bomb on us.

Photo Credit: Getty Images / Instagram / Twitter