An Italian Named Asia Nude

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Echo Lawrence - March 25, 2020

I have been seeing some pretty amazing and hilarious Italians during the Coronavirus pandemic memes that have made me laugh despite being off-colour and offensive. I mean in an era when we could potentially all die, while 80 percent of the inconvenienced population feel like it's just a mild flu and this is all some sham from the elite, we may all potentially die.

The memes in question are:

So bad, but so good.

This in no way should undermine my appreciation for the Italian people and the Italian women. They make wonderful foods and have a wonderful spirit and some of my best friends are Italians. The fact that they were hit hard by the Coronavirus is a terrible series of events that we don't wish upon anyone, especially this nude Italian named ASIA, basically the human COVID-19, and we need people like her and her nudity to remind us of the good times! Nudity has that effect.


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