Anastacia Bijou in the Water!

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Tex Hollywood - February 3, 2021

I don't know much about Anastacia Bijou, she's not famous yet, but she definitely has the energy of someone who could get famous if the stars align or the right person sees her content, because she's producing some great stuff, at least with this shoot, where she's topless in some cute bikini bottoms in and out of the water.

She seems to be Australian based, which makes sense, since Australian girls are a lot of fun, and oftentimes total babes. She calls herself a freelance model, which basically means she's dipping a toe into the model thing but has other plans for herself, or maybe you have to go freelance before going pro. I don't know how those things workout, I am just more interested in seeing this kind of content the freelance model, who arguably could be a full time model, participates in.

You can find her on INSTAGRAM


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