Anastasiy Scheglova Topless Peeks

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michael-garcia - August 8, 2016

Hottie Anastasiy Scheglova took it all off  and then some in this sexy spread. She starts out just hanging out in her apartment wearing pigtails with her ta-tas hanging out. She's got a very nice racksky, as they say in her native Russia. They are perfectly perky and have some wonderful pink nips on the end, like the cherry on top of an awesome sundae. But Anastasiy also shows us her glorious downstairs area. She's got some nice foliage on her garden of Earthly delights. Not too much, just enough to make it interesting. But you see everything. It's pretty damn incredible. 

Russian girls are out of this world when they are young. It must be all that cold beet soup and vodka that makes them so fit. I wouldn't mind being her comrade. 


Photo Credit: Dmitry Chapala