Anastasiya Zet’s Smoke Break!

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Tex Hollywood - January 12, 2021

Her name is Anastasiya. Zet, she seems to be a hot mode out of Poland, but probably Belarusian because that's the hashtag she uses on her selfies. She's clearly trying to get noticed and should be noticed, so maybe you should follow her on INSTAGRAM

In this shoot. you will see her having a much hotter smoke break than when I was a smoker working at some bullshit job, where the only sense of escape or freedom would be when going out for a smoke, it was kind of like being in prison, but worse, because I had the option to escape if I really wanted to. The cancer risk was far more appealing than staying at my desk.

If smoke breaks looked this good, I'd still be smoking, despite that whole cancer thing, I mean it's really the quality of life that you have not the quantity and this is LIVING as far as I'm concerned.

story via REKT


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