Anne Winters 90’s Vibes!

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Tex Hollywood - November 20, 2020

Anne Winters was in 13 Reasons Why, she's also on a few popular shows and she is really solidifying herself in the industry, I am sure in part because she's hot!

I am posting the gallery below because her outfit reminds me of Y2k, some big pants, tiny crop top shirt and I felt like going into the weekend with some new talent bring some nostalgia vibes!

I also checked out her INSTAGRAM where she is doing some standing on a stool to show off her full tiny body. She's 5 foot 2 and very skinny. She is calling it a FULL BODY SLATE, which is some casting couch terminology for a full body shot, but it seems more professional or important when you call it a slate, I am calling it HOT.

Now those late Y2K vibes!


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