Anthea Page Topless Hotness

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michael-garcia - September 26, 2016

Sexy Anthea Page took off all of her clothes for P Magazine and the results are stunning. P Magazine likes to photograph naked girls with flowers and stuff. It's kind of hot. I like flowers and naked chicks. I think it's some kind of metaphor like a Georgia O'Keefe painting except hotter. Anthea has a fabulous set of jugs. They are big and round and oh so satisfying with a lovely pair of pink nips on top like the cherries on the top of the best sundae ever. But the whole package is unbelievable. Her booty, for example should be studied by scientists so they know what the ultimate booty's proportions are mathematically. Then all other booties can be judged against her's. Where can one go to meet a girl like Anthea? Where do these girls hang out? Is there some restaurant that only serves kale salads, cigarettes, and Diet Coke? Isn't that what models eat?

I'm asking because I never meet girls like Anthea. I never even see girls like Anthea. I guess they don't take the subway or hang out in hipster coffee shops in Brooklyn like I do. 


Photo Credit: P Magazine