Ariadna Majewska Showing Off her Stockings!

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Echo Lawrence - June 5, 2020

Ariadna Majewska surprisingly only has 10,000 followers on her social media that you can see HERE . I don't put value on someone based on their instagram following because as far as I'm concerned instagram following means nothing. For the most part it can be meaningless robot traffic or it is a knowledge of how to game the platform. It is almost never based on merit or deservingness, unless the person in question goes legit viral.

I just like to point out the lower follower count because it's amazing that some people have millions, when a babe like this doesn't. It is almost like we have ALL our priorities totally out of whack.

This is a compilation of Ariadna Majewska posing for what I assume is some stocking fetishists and she's looking amazing while doing it and I'm not even a stocking fetishist!


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