How Do I Get Topless Ashley Hart Alone?

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brian-mcgee - September 22, 2017


Australian beauty Ashley Hart may not spell her surname the same way that Ann and Nancy Wilson spell the name of their band, but I see her last name and I think about how much I want to get her alone. Naturally, all that thinking leads to is having to hear Heart's immortal classic "Alone."

There are people in the world who dislike Heart, and I think those people should be flogged on their bottoms until their bottoms bleed. Heart is one of the greatest female combos of all time, and they have at least a half dozen stone cold classics to their name. "Alone" is inarguably their best hit from their super commercial period in the 80s that gave rise to pap like "All I Wanna Do is Make Love to You." I can understand hating that song, and you should, but don't hold that one song against them.

Anyways, as you're looking through these pictures of Ashley Hart topless on the beach, you'll be wondering about all of the same things Ann and Nancy are lamenting over in this song. The two go hand in hand, and they should start a detective series called Hart to Heart, where Ashley Hart solves crimes topless to the music of Heart. I don't know, we're still working out the details.  

Photo Credit: Backgrid