Australian Hottie Charlotte Jane Naked Hot and Perfectly Equipped

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bill-swift - May 19, 2016

Charlotte Jane is the rare brunette who makes it out of Down Under with a solid reputation and an even more solidly entirely body on full display in this pictorial for P magazine, she of the soon to be forgotten periodical sadly.

Charlotte remind us that a slender woman with a perfectly slung rack is just about the best thing Mother Nature ever invented. Well that and hops and the NFL package. But I'd eschew the latter for a whole lot more of the former. I do believe I could be very content with a gloriously hot young Aussie woman with a supremely killer rack and the hormones of a naughty angel. That is all the sport I need. I might sneak off the pub for a Foster's every now and then. Charlotte, you make me feel young again. Though not young and frustrated with the ladies again. I'm doing it better the next time around. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: P Magazine