Aya Wolf’s Getting her Vitamin C!

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Tex Hollywood - April 7, 2020

Her name is Aya Wolf, at least on the internet, you can never be too sure! Her instagram is HERE . From what I've learned she's an activist for people with Rosacea. Her most recent post captioned "It’s not blush, it’s rosacea and it’s a skin condition pretty shitty.", but I am glad she feels empowered enough to spread the word that rosacea is OK, you don't need to feel insecure or shamed about it, and more importantly, if you go topless NO ONE will notice it.

This shoot is by a photographer named DORA GIL, who I have very little information about, but they seem to be Barcelona based.

This is a nice, positive reminder to eat your oranges, because the last thing you'd want during a Global Pandemic is SCURVY!! Possibly the best reminder to not get SCURVY!!


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