Backstage at The Fenty Show with Jade Chynoweth!

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Echo Lawrence - October 5, 2020

Rihanna's lingerie line Savage x Fenty just dropped their second fashion event on Amazon Prime, which is worth a watch if you're into interpretative dance and what seems like hundreds of girls in their lingerie. The event was a huge job for dance Jade Chynoweth who clearly impressed Rihanna and the team when she was cast as a dancer in the first Fenty fashion show last year. The dancer was on stage alongside Halsey in some green lingerie and this year she was back in the new line of black and pink tones.

Rihanna is getting heat today from the Islamic community because she apparently used an Islamic Hadith during the show. A Hadith is a collection of sayings from the prophet Muhammad, so to have a bunch of models shaking ass to a remixed version of a Hadith is pretty problematic. Before all the backlash, Jade shot some images of herself and fellow dancers and models backstage at the event, see them below!

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