Barbara Valente Sheer Luxury!

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Tex Hollywood - September 1, 2020

Barbara Valente is a model that you've probably never heard of, because I have never heard of her, but then again, I am not the expert on all things model related, my mental capabilities involve "LOOKING AT PICTURES". You know, all mindless, basically drooling on myself, saying "boobs" under my breath. That's the hand us men have been dealt and the image we need to live up to.

I do know that I really like the vibe of this shoot, the model is hot, the photos are nice, the outfits are are sheer, did I mention the outfits are sheer?

If you want more of Barbara, or Babs as I like to call her, you know we're that close, so close that I've seen her in sheer clothing, you can follow her on INSTAGRAM and you should.

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