Bella Hadid’s Got Tape on her Nipples for Love Magazine

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Echo Lawrence - January 29, 2020

Bella Hadid posed for the new issue of LOVE Magazine which gives us major fetish vibes, from the boot prints on her face and back, to the tape on her nipples, she even puts a cigarette out on her tongue, thats a fetish right?

The model sat down with the magazine to talk about her mental health because that’s all the rage these days...

"In my opinion I started modelling way too young. I was still growing and my confidence wasn’t fully matured. I didn’t love myself, or didn’t necessarily think I was worthy of all of the recognition I was getting. When I was younger, I would see photos of myself that I hated and would be mortified that people wanted to work with me, because I was so self-conscious." 

It seems unbelievable that one of the worlds most famous supermodels has insecurities, considering she apparently begged her rich dad to buy her way into the modelling world back in the day, but I guess even the hottest models can feel ugly some days.

Here's the video


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