Bella Thorne Posts Sheer Braless Shot

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aldo-vallon - January 28, 2019

I do not think I am alone in saying I do not approve of Bella Thorne’s choice in room decorations. That torso is one of the most blatant displays of sexism that I have witnessed in recent memory.

Clearly, to Bella we men are nothing more than a headless, armless, set of perfect abs that are to be objectified at her desire. It is disgusting. As a society I thought we were passed this type of behavior, but obviously I was wrong.

I am more than just a perfect set of abdominals, even if I do not currently have a perfect set of abdominals. I have a brain. I have opinions. I demand that they be respected. WE are missing out on so much because of our neglect of men’s intellect.

For example, my idea for a toilet seat that is capable of lifting itself will never be invented because no one takes me seriously. Every time I try to bring it up on a date the woman changes the subject to something regarding sports because that is all she thinks my opinion is good for. I pine for the good old days when Greek sculptors would make statues of the whole male form, pubes and all.




Photo Credit: Instagram