Bella Thorne Sexy Bath Time!

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Echo Lawrence - April 10, 2020

Bella Thorne always brings the fun.

You may find her annoying, I know that whenever I accidentally watch her in video, I cringe. It's just so loud, too much energy, the girl is nuts.

High on life, or drugs, I don't know, maybe she's bipolar, they all seem to be bipolar these days.

It's probably just some Disney training in media manipulation. She learned it when she was sold to the mouse ears! Tactics they've developed to get a better ROI from the talent they create at their Disney training camps. Miley was on that same kick. It's how their talent ages better with their audience that grew up on them. As the kids who watched Disney grow up and become perverts, they need to become perverts too!

It's not hard to win us all over, I mean just keep showing off your body and be ridiculous.


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