Bella Thorne Sheer Top Reveals Smoking Hot Nips Peeking Through

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aldo-vallon - January 9, 2019

Normally turtlenecks are the antithesis of sexy, but apparently that does not matter when you are Bella Thorne. This is almost the equivalent to when Marilyn Monroe wore a potato sack as a dress, except oddly enough there was less visible nudity with the sack.

I guess that isn’t really fair to the manufacturers of the potato sack. When they designed it they were not trying to make something sexy, they just wanted it to be durable. Had they known one of the all-time hotties was going to be wearing it I am sure they would have used a lower thread count of burlap. That is the real difference maker.

Bella is exhibiting one of those instances where thin material plus pale skin makes for a ghostly apparition, and this time we are lucky enough for that apparition to be nips. Sometimes it is some old lady with a sour look on her face that appears, and no stiffies are going to be had from her, trust me. Any guy that sees a ghost gets as boneless as that spirit’s body. For some reason ghosts are always ugly people. I don’t know why they have all of the unfinished business.



Photo Credit: Splash News