Beyonce Plunging Cleavage And Faptastic Booty Cheeks, It’s All Working

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bill-swift - May 7, 2015

Beyonce had quite the weekend with the Met Gala as the centerpiece of her asstastic shows in various stages of revealing wardrobe over the weekend. Whatever the paparazzi didn't capture she managed to take on her own to share with her adoring public. Hey, without egos there is no egotastic.

And, what's not to like. Motherhood and a couple years has treated Beyonce quite well. That hot curvy mom body is definitely in prime form. I can't remember her ever looking better. I'd hate to think rumors of her marriage on the rocks were any bit true, except for the part where I become her rebound fling she greatly regrets by way of mention in her next bio documentary. I want to be that regret, if it means a couple weeks caressing every wonderful curve. She has a bunch. And she looks fantastic. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Beyonce