Bill Goes Adult: Fake Taxi Reviewed

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bill-swift - August 20, 2016

As you know, my father Jor-El sent me to this planet in order to make sure you human people had full access to hot partially dressed and completely undressed famous women. And thus has been my sacred mission since burning up a cornfield in Nebraska. Or was that a marijuana field in Colorado. Either way, I've remained committed. But I'd be lying if I didn't admit that my passion for the fine female realm extends into the more 18 and over use of the human anatomy on camera. Hence, my weekly addendum mission, to bring to you my review of various popular adult content sites thus that you might share in my personal wisdom. I leak for thee. That's disgusting, though still true.

This week's review is Fake Taxi. Specifically, Fake Taxi Videos. British style. First, let me say, I have nothing but love in my heart for porn sites with faptastically creative names. Oh, sure, you might want to get down to business, but just as in the script of your most endearing and memorable adults films, a little imagination on the front end never hurt. Heretofore, taxi cabs have held no special interest to me. Hereafter, taxi cabs seem awesome.

The premise is simple. This is a fake taxi. Girls get in to Fake Taxi and suddenly find a caring, handsome stranger with a giant dong at their driving service. What ensues is stuff your parents never told you about when you were twelve because you would've dropped out of school six years early to pursue it all means necessary. Girls consensually motivated and sufficiently crazy horny to use their British accents for the pursuit of cab humping. How genius is that? I mean, better than Uber kind of genius.

As with all of the better adult sites, everything is simply laid out and easily navigated on Fake Taxi. A checkerboard of video previews, easily sortable and filtered until your heart and other organ's content. If only every other service industry understood what the better adult companies do, what a world this would be. Now, I really must call myself a cab. Fake Taxi! Fake Taxi!