Bill Goes Adult: Tube8 Reviewed

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bill-swift - August 6, 2016

If you know anything about me, you know I love good looking women. So not unlike you and the other three billion men on this planet. We kind of have a club. Whilst my daytime is provisioned for the sextastic celebrity sector of the market, I'd be lying if I didn't say every now and then or then and now I do partake like 97-percent of the population (100-percent among elected officials) in the Internet's vast array of adult content offerings. Pornography in mildly tempered moderation is a valid form of entertainment and far more enjoyable than the last five Transformers movies. As a service to Readers, I've been asked to review some of the more prominent content aggregators out there. There are a million possibilities, but only a few worth your precious adult content time. I'm here to help. I'm Bill. From Porn customer service.

Today I took a look at I'd be lying if I said this was my first time visiting. Also if I said this was my second time visiting, still a lie. Think of a much higher number. What I like about Tube8 can be encapsulated in one word: honesty. If I could use seven words it would be: ass to mouth double penetration in HD. At least on Sundays, my explore days. 

Unlike other sites, Tube8 makes no bones about what it is. Not only do you see it immediately on the very orderly and organized homepage, but it's right there in their About Us for grownups:

Are you tired of the same old porn videos featuring bleach blonde porn stars with big fake tits getting fucked by muscular studs? Visit Tube 8 now for an incredible selection of the hottest free porn movies and sex videos in every XXX niche imaginable!

Well, kind of yes, to your first question. I wouldn't visit a grocery store that only had one kind of bread, or just apples in the produce section. Nor do I cotton to the adult sites pushing the template porn clips. Like most adult males, I like variety in my imagination fun time. I don't just want to be making sweet love to Jessica Alba in an Afghani cave while on the run from the Taliban. I want all of Hollywood's hottest 500 ladies in my man cave. So too do I want selection in my adult entertainment. All colors, sizes, shapes, forms, combinations, scenarios, backgrounds, and naturally, naughty schoolgirls who can't help themselves.

Tube8 has all of this and because they're doing a little geo-targeting, I'm getting fresh U.S. popular adult content rather than German and Russian entertainment. Nothing against boinking on camera Teutons, but they always sound like they're lecturing one another. Who needs that at 11:27 PM when the kids are asleep?

I don't have a ranking system like Four Boners or such because I hate scoring systems. Also math in general. Check out What can I promise? You won't feel cheated. Free HD porn, people. C'mon. We live in a Golden Age. Enjoy.