Black and White Posing!

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Tex Hollywood - November 4, 2020

This model can be found on INSTAGRAM where she poses in all kinds of hot lingerie and semi nude pics for her 11.8k followers.

I don't know where she's from, but I am looking at pics of her in bed, bare assed, clearly into being naked or half naked the way you'd waant her to be with a bod like that.

In this shoot, she is in black and white, so you know it is art. She is also in a variety of hats to keep things fashionable, but I think we can all agree that less is more, all those clothing pics get in the way of the NUDES!

We are a generation of "send nudes" so we expect the same treatment with our instagram nude shoots for no actual reason besides content production and what I guess they see as "art", but what I see as a good way to spend an afternoon instead of staring at the damn wall, you know since I don't always subscribe to nudity being art, it's just nudity, lets not overthink it here.


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