Blonde Bombshell Sahara Ray Topless For Treats!

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bill-swift - March 2, 2016

Sexy sweetheart Sahara Ray took off all of her clothes for this spread for Treats! Magazine. Sahara has got a splendid pair of funbags. They are large and perky at the same time. They are the kind of boobs you want to take out for a nice date and then take home and motorboat until dawn. We've seen pics of Sahara before, of course and she's usually mostly naked, which I appreciate. But these pics are extraordinary. Maybe because they are arty or maybe because Sahara is just getting hotter. She's also bottomless, but in a tasteful way. But still friggin' amazing. And her booty, her booty my friends is absolutely extraordinary. I would personally like to wear it as a hat.

But seriously, where do people like Sahara Ray come from? I sometimes see them at industry parties, but I wonder where they originated. I think they were created in a lab somewhere by mad scientists specializing in sexy creations. Kind of like the movie Weird Science

Photo Credit: Treats! Magazine