Blonde Hottie Hannah Glasby Topless

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michael-garcia - October 26, 2016

Hot blond Hannah Glasby got completely naked in the desert for P Magazine. Hannah has the classic model body, slender, tall, and waifish. She has a nice pair of perkies that, though not large, look like they would be a lot of fun to play with. Then there is her booty which is a nice heart shape. It looks highly smackable, not that I'd do that without permission. I've had some experience with girls built like Hannah and my experience is that they like to get nasty. Maybe that's a stereotype but in my years of research it also happens to be true. Hannah strikes me as the type of girl you would meet at a super hip party in a warehouse somewhere who spends all night drinking vodka tonics and dancing erotically on the dance floor. Again, I could be wrong but that's the vibe she's exuding.

Also she's got a question mark tattoo on her booty. Why? I think that's the question. 


Photo Credit: P Magazine