Bregje Heinen and her Flower!

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Tex Hollywood - September 29, 2020

Bregje Heinen is a well known model. You may not know of her and you may struggle with pronouncing her name without sounding like you have a cold, or worse, "the virus". She's Dutch, she's been around for a while, and she's got a shit ton of followers on INSTAGRAM for those two reasons.

She was once a Victoria's Secret model. so clearly she hit the big time early on, has that stamp of approval one would need to know they are officially in the hottest group of women of all time! She's also got a talent manager on top of all her high profile agents, one with their hands in the film industry, so there may be some acting in the works. As of now, she's only been cast as "Model", but I am sure eventually she'll have an actual name next to her name on her IMDB.

I don't know much about this shoot besides it having been shot during Quarantine, which at this point has been basically what feels like our entire life, but was actually from last month. It's a nice reminder that she's pretty damn hot.


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