Brianna Stone Topless For Lui

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michael-garcia - September 28, 2016

Beautiful Brianna Stone gets topless and then some for Lui Magazine. She starts out getting her white sheer dress wet. And guess what? She's got nothing on underneath. You can pretty much see everything but that isn't good enough for Brianna. She then takes her top off completely revealing her voluptuous knockers. These things are breathtaking. They bring a tear to my eye they are so perfect. But Brianna is more than just a pretty face and a pair of delicious milky orbs. She's also got a booty that makes you wanna slap yo mama, as my Cajun friends back home would say. Mother abuse aside, she is seriously sexy. There is something about a woman doing the wet clingy clothes thing that makes my heart sing. Maybe it's because 80's movies led me to believe that college was nothing but wet t-shirt contests. Turns out that isn't accurate. So, now I'm nostalgic for a past that never was.

There is nothing like a nice pair of chichis after lunch to aid the digestion. I think it's something preternatural, going back to our days as hunter-gatherers. 


Photo Credit: Lui Magazine