British Fashion Model Farah Holt Hot Blonde and Topless

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bill-swift - February 14, 2017

We first fell in lust with Farah Holt by way of Playboy, which decided to throw topless women out with the bathwater, so it's fine and karmically rewarding to now see Farah's wholesome au natural mams in this wonderful bit of simplistic beauty shoot. The really hot girls don't require a lot of production value or fussing or surreal artistic interpretation in the noveau pop style. Just their top coming off and a smile.

In this shoot by Josie Clough, the British model begins by crossing her arms over her charming funbags, but then I tell and ice breaker joke and reveal my fake news heritage of wealth and power, and her arms slowly unfurl and reveal her small but perfect globes to our prurient world. Life is only as complicated as you make it. Or as many pretty women as you wanted naked in it, does rather up the complexities. All well worthwhile. The simple life is for people with higher WiFi speeds than I get at home. Why are all the naked people on my screen so fuzzy? Enjoy.

Photo credit: Josie Clough