Britney Spears’ 2003 Nipple for GQ!

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Tex Hollywood - January 6, 2021

I don't know where these pictures were hiding back in 2003, but that could be because I don't remember 2003. It was a LONG time ago, but I do remember Britney Spears being the ultimate in popstar babes at the time, even if you favorited Christina or Jessica Simpson or even Mandy Moore who was barely a player but was still a player, Britney was Queen bee and everyone knew it.

So, I am not sure if these images ever really saw the light of day until recently, because nipples in 2003 were shunned and not part of the zeitgeist. Based on all the nipple activism I've seen, nipples must have been blacklisted, or caused so much shame for the women who had nipples.

It was rare that a nipple slip would ever be released in the magazine it was shot for. It was seen as porn and I am sure Britney's team would have gone nuts, but as we know, time heals all wounds and the nipple outtakes can see the light of day, because I'm sure Britney's posted more salacious content on her feed now that everyone is into it, not that they weren't back then, they just didn't want to give it to us!

Better late than never, or never too late for Britney Spears nipples as far as I'm concerned, even if 17 years was LONG ago.


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