Brittany Brousseau Nothing But Heels For Playboy!

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bill-swift - April 30, 2015

One of those titles that never goes out of style is Playmate of the Month. Playmate is kind of like doctor or MVP or video arcade operator, just one of those titles that connotes meaningful accomplishment and stature. Take for instance Brittany Brousseau, the latest and greatest Playboy Playmate of the Month. Brittany is exuding stature all over the place, especially in those heels and not much else but her quite accomplished and bodacious body. I backed into that like I wish Brittany would back into me. That's not polite to say, but honesty remains the best policy.

PlayboyPlus for Just $5.83 a Month for Annual Subscription!

To celebrate Brittany's crowning bodily achievement and that absolutely killer body, our friends at Playboy are offering a super special pricing plan of just $5.83 a month for an annual subscription to PlayboyPlus, where you might partake in countless thousands of galleries and videos of the very best of Playboy, past, present, and future. I can't possibly explain to you how much more joy you will experience from a month of PlayboyPlus than a similar costing 6-inch meatball sub combo at Subway, only that I ought mention that's not real meat. Sorry, Jared. Check in with PlayboyPlus. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Playboy Plus