You Can Buy Faith Schroder’s Worn Lingerie!

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Echo Lawrence - December 7, 2020

Faith Schroder has been subjected to a lot of hate lately because her dad, Ricky Schroder was one of the celebrities to stand up and support that kid who shot at and killed 2 protesters in Kenosha. Ricky paid the dudes bail and his daughter is paying the price with all the cyber bulling she's been getting.

But just like her name suggests, she has FAITH, and the 19 year old turned her mood around this weekend to sell some of her used clothing online. The best part about this is she tried on all the pieces to put up product shots and made sure to really show the detail in each item, even her hard nipples! Looks like everyone has bought up all the panties and swimsuits but you can still grab a bra or two on the site here!

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