Cami Romero by Alejandro Bauducco Hand Stands!

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Tex Hollywood - August 17, 2020

Photographer Alejandro Bauducco delivered the goods with this photoshoot. He's Buenos Aires based and clearly Argentina has more than just a great landscape and some of the best beef in the world, because his feed is full of babes.

This babe is named Cami Romero, she seems to be Chilean and Peruvian, based in London with representation in London, but clearly it doesn't matter where she's from or where she's based, so long as she spends some time, as much time as possible, in her bikini in photoshoots on the internet.

This shoot shows some silliness, keep things lighthearted, some athleticism with some Hand Stands, some posing in bed, some cowboy boots and jeans, and basically a nice variety of hotness, you know in case you weren't too sure with the featured pic, since variety is the spice of life or whatever.

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