Canadian Hot Model Tsanna Latouche See-Through for Agent Provocateur

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bill-swift - July 25, 2016

Hot Canuck Tsanna Latouche modeled some tasty see-through lingerie for Agent Provacateur. A lot of lingerie is generally sheer, but this stuff is damn near transparent. Needless to say you can pretty much see everything and, boy, is there a lot to see. Tsanna has some perfectly round ta-tas that have some nipples on the end that are like the cherry on top of the best milkshake ever. More than a handful is just gravy, they say. Well Tsanna has plenty of that metaphorical gravy. But it's her booty that's really got me excited. That thing is something I'll be seeing in my dreams tonight. They are like two perfect mounds on top of a cupcake. Am I hungry? What's with all the food metaphors?

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Any way you look at it, these pics are hot. The only problem is that if you buy this stuff for your girl she probably won't look as good as Tsanna. Unless you date Tsanna, in which case congratulations. 

Photo credit: Agent Provocateur