Canbebought is Your Quarantine Cutie!

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Echo Lawrence - July 17, 2020

This week's Quarantine Cutie goes by the name Canbebought, which is an amazing screen name, her first name is actually Zoe and she’s pretty much the most flawless redhead I have ever seen. Phoebe Price has a saying, Red on the Head - Fire in the Hole and I’d like everyone to join me in attempting to mythbust this saying by watching Canbebought in action over on her Chaturbate Channel! Lucky for us, she’s going LIVE NOW!

Canbebought is not only gorgeous with a perfect body and a bouncy set of bright red curls, she’s also an entrepreneur. She started performing on Chaturbate last April and has used her success to buy her own home that she is turning into a Cam House with some of her friends. She currently has two girls living with her who make some epic appearances on her channel. I watched the 3 of them last week and felt like I was right there with them, sitting on the bed flashing a full moon for the right tipper.

So, Who’s joining me on Canbebought’s channel right now!? Is there really FIRE in that HOLE? Let’s find out! See you there!

TO SEE HER LIVE - SMASH THIS LINK BUTTON! - LET’S GO - She’s LIVE! ....and if she's not, you missed her but she'll be back, so bookmark that shit!

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