Cara Delevingne Goes Fairy Topless In Some Crappy Series

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earl-jonas - September 3, 2019


Cara Delevingne just can't seem to find a star-making vehicle, and maybe that's because she's not really star-quality? Poppycock! Her talent is unbridled, and her shirt is off in some dumpy new Amazon Prime series called Carnival Row. I was hoping it would be the Boardwalk Empire for carnies, but turns out it isn't about carnivals at all. It's about a bunch of mythical creatures that escape into the real world or something.

Eyebrow aficionado Cara Delevingne has always looked so sexy as a model, and it's great that now that she's transitioned into acting, she's seeking roles that require her to go topless. Big props to her agent for understanding her strengths. So, here are her boobs. And her butt. What else is there to say? Magical fairy shit is tragic but Cara's breasts aren't. Sorry not sorry.

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