Carleen Laronn Nude Come Hither Stare

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brian-mcgee - July 21, 2017

A phrase that doesn't get the play it used to is the "come hither stare." I very rarely see any women sporting that look anymore. The one that beckons you forth with an air of "I know something you don't know" coupled with "get over here so I can fuck your brains out." Carleen Laronn has mastered the come hither stare!

I tip my cap to photographer Jim Malucci for capturing this amazing look on this gorgeous woman's face. It adds so much sexiness to the already incredible sight of Carleen Laronn naked that it just elevates this photo set to the next level. Carleen appears to be in someone's backyard, and she's giving the viewer that come hither stare that makes trespassing worth the risk. Seriously, convince me you wouldn't hop the fence if you looked over into your neighbor's backyard and saw Carleen nude sporting that look on her face! 

Sadly, none of us live next door to Carleen, so we'll never get to experience that look first hand, but these pictures and a little imagination can help transport you to a magical place. Such is the power of the come hither stare! Enjoy!

Photo Credit: Jim Malucci  / PSM Magazine