Carol Abranches Hot Sultry Sexy in Lingerie for Paparazzo

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bill-swift - January 21, 2012

Here's a solid recipe for Sudamericana model success. Get yourself photographed on a boat in a bikini next to a major soccer star. It works every single time. Your celebrity stock and hotness will fly through the roof. 

Such is the case with Brazilian model sexy bomb Carol Abranches who had a bunch of snaps of her taken recently with Brazilian soccer extraordinaire, Neymar, doing some partying on a boat bikini style, and suddenly Carol becomes the talk of every gossip rag, and, more importantly, ever glamour mag wants to photo her in something skimpy (or less, coming soon).

Viewing Carol Abranches ridiculously hot body in Paparazzo magazine, I'm reminded of two very distinct things. First, oh, man, we do so love hot Latina babes. And, second, I've got to get me a yacht! Enjoy.