Carola Remer Topless Outdoor Hotness for GQ

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bill-swift - May 7, 2014

Carola Remer is a somewhat rare talent in so much as she's a sultry dark beauty hailing from Germany. We just had a blonde Brazilian bombshell, so why not a come hither hottie brunette from Deutschland? That was rhetorical I guess since Carola Remer and her ridiculously sextastic body and bare top featured in GQ Germany are a wonderment that must be shared. I like to think Carola is outdoors pursing her lips and blowing on daisies while topless most of her waking hours. I guess she also has to make the strudel and knockwurst in the kitchen at times, but, else-wise, she's probably out in nature being au natural and just so damn alluring.

Carola, I wish I could speak German so I could properly explain to you all the complicated feelings I'm experiencing leering at your fine female form. Let's just go with wunderschön!