Catch Up On Alexandra Daddario’s Hottest Topless Scene Ever For The ‘True Detective’ Season 3 Premiere

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aldo-vallon - January 14, 2019

I know people don’t like to admit this, but I think a large factor resulting in the poor reception of True Detective Season 2 is that it did not contain any Alexandra Daddario. It had a couple of hotties, and Rachel McAdams is a beaut for sure, but none of them were packing the sweater meats of Alexandra.

I do not think it would have been very difficult to fit her character back into the storyline. She would not have been the first girl to move from Louisiana to Los Angeles. Even if they had to age her a bit, I think she’d still be a hell of a looker. It’s not like she was going to let herself go like McConaughey did. That girl had standards. I mean, she was not above being a homewrecker, but that is not a physical standard so it does not count.

I am a little bit scared to check the cast list of season 3. If the producers did not learn their lesson then this could be a disaster. Maybe I’ll just wait for a bootlegged version that has Alexandra’s scenes spliced in.




Photo Credit: Mr. Skin